What are the advantages of a Progressive Web App over a native app?

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What is special about a PWA and how does it differ from the native app?

There is no need to download a progressive web app from an App Store, which can sometimes take minutes. It is immediately ready for use when you call its URL and offers the full range of functions of a native app. As a result, installation on the mobile phone is no longer necessary and the user does not have to perform two or three actions before he can use the PWA. Lengthy updates are also no longer necessary, as the PWA is always kept up to date.

As it is quickly accessed via a search engine, much more traffic is generated on the mobile website than with a conventional app. On average, Internet users visit 100 websites per month, which shows how important a PWA is as an extension of their own business. This is reflected in the achievement of a larger audience.

The PWA also has relevant keywords that can be used for search engine optimization and thus achieve an even better ranking within the search engines. Thanks to functions such as chat, push messages and stamp cards, interested website visitors can be addressed directly and personally and thus quickly become potential customers.

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