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Show progressive web app entries in relation to your own location

With the around me function, the progressive web app user can see how far away the app entries are from his location. They can use filter functions to search for entries that are in their immediate vicinity. To use the Around me function, you can add the option location in the catalog modules such as product catalog under design > advanced settings. Once this is done, a small map icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the app. With a hint on the map symbol, the app user can display the location of all entries in relation to his location on the map. To activate the around me function, it is necessary to re-publish the app.

With the filter menu (directly next to the search function) the pwa user can display and call up the desired categories, e.g. starters, main courses and desserts for a restaurant app.

Additionally, the entries can be filtered by distance, name or price by tapping on the filter icon (sorted by) – ascending or descending.

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