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How can I find the Progressive Web App on Google and what can I do about it?

But what about progressive web apps with search engine optimization? A feature of progressive web apps is Google’s indexing. This allows Google to find PWAs, read them out and add them to the SERP list (results list). You can also optimize the PWA you created through our platform for Google.
It is advisable to provide your PWA with a description text. In the dashboard in the Manage section you can add the description under Promo > SEO. This serves to explain what your PWA is all about and what users can do with it. In this text you can insert keywords that you have previously defined for yourself. This means you must first understand which keywords your customers use to search for you via Google to get to your PWA (just like on your website). It is also advisable to consider keyword phrases, i.e. several words, and to include them in the description if necessary. There are many free keyword tools that show you how much keywords are courted and how high the search volume of keywords is.

You should also increase the visibility of your PWA by checking the two boxes in the Edit section of the Dashboard under Publish > Website and selecting Unlock Website for Google Indexing. When users call their PWA from a computer, they are forwarded to the PWA.

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