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That’s how you create a internal link (also called a deep link or anchor) so that modules point to each other.

From now on you can use deep links in your app (whether native or progressive web apps). This means that your customers can jump from one module to another without taking the detour via the back button for example. Furthermore it is possible to write a chat message and include a link to a specific module in it.

Content module

The text and image module is perfect for this use case. With this module you can write a corresponding text in the editor, which is to be linked with another module. Let’s assume you want to link the record to the appointment booking module.

To do this, proceed as follows

  1. Select the publish section under edit
  2. under publishing status > web app > open
  3. Open scheduled booking module
  4. Copy the URL of the module appointment booking (complete link or all from #)

For better differentiation, the two URL types are shown below:

Complete URL (from the appointment booking module):

Part of the URL (from the scheduled booking module):


  1. under edit > modules > create content module
  2. Here you can add it to the appointment booking in the editor
  3. click here to book an appointment
  4. click the link button (red arrow) and paste the URL into the blue window
  5. save your settings
  6. publish your changes afterwards


With the progressive web app and native app, you can copy and paste both the complete URL and only part of it (from the #). This is also possible with the native app, but when using the complete URL a new tab is opened in the selected browser of the smartphone.

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