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your pwa with internal links

With over 28 modules you have a great opportunity to build a great mobile app! In order to further improve the user experience, I will now introduce you to our new function.

The “internal linking!”

Imagine you have just created a new page in your pwa with which you want to give your users great content and at the same time do something for your SEO optimization. To bind users to the progressive web app, it is essential to regularly share news that you can send with push messages to your user’s progressive web app.

With the new function, the “internal linking”, it is finally possible to link your products from the shop directly into your content texts, so that your customers can shop even more easily and an even better conversion rate is created for you. The user saves valuable time and will also be able to spend even more time in the progressive web app due to the improved user-friendliness. As a result, customers are more often confronted with the product you sell online and are therefore more willing to buy from you.


Besides linking through the content module, you can also link your products or other pages and modules of your mobile app through the push messages and marketing automation.

Great that I now know that it works, but how and where do I insert the link?

Only two steps, it’s that simple!


  • Visit your dashboard and go to the section “publish” > “publishing status” and click on the link “Web App”. Then the app will open on your desktop, so that you only have to open the desired module of your mobile app. With each new module you open, the URL changes.
  • Copy the URL of the desired module and paste it into your content texts.

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